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Welcome to Action 1 Inspections

Action 1 Inspections is a full service Home Inspections company, specializing in Mold Assessments. We commit to our job down to the smallest detail to help you make sure your family lives in a structurally safe, contamination free environment.

Our Objective

  1. We will provide you with information on the systems of your home that may lead to microbial growth and may help you detect structural deficiencies or potential threats to the safety and health of your family in your home.
  2. Our inspections, reports and assessments can help you on your way to prevent those potential threats or guide you on how to solve problems that are already present.
  3. We are also qualified and certified to perform inspections that may substantially lower your Windstorm Insurance premium!

After our work is done, we want you to remember us as independent, unbiased and reliable. We are here to take care of your needs. We are on your side.

Get to know us

Juan Naranjo
Juan is a Licensed Home Inspector and Mold Assessor that has worked in the construction industry for over 12 years, bringing to Action 1 Inspections his education and vast knowledge acquired through experience.

Rita Naranjo
Rita will be in direct contact with you listening to your needs and taking your information to coordinate Juan’s schedule.  She has a track record of 14 years in Operations Management and her administrative/organizational experience in addition to her costumer relations and communication skills will make sure we get the job done.

We are not affiliated with any remediation company, nor accept commissions or any other form of payment from remediation companies. You can be assured there will be no conflict of interest when you put your trust in Action 1 Inspections and you will have a reliable, unbiased report.

And you know what this means: We are on your side!

Charges and Fees
Our inspections are charged at a flat fee based on the size of the home. This means our quotes carry no surprises or hidden additional fees, and since we don’t charge by the sample you don’t have to worry about any additional samples we may need to take in your inspection.

Contact Us Today
(954) 530-9013

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How Can We Help?

If you have questions, need a quote, or want to schedule your appointment, contact us. We look forward to serve you!
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